Naughty dating with my best friend's son

My name is Julie, I am a beautiful woman who loves sex, especially with young men. It's been 20 years since I type everything that comes within my reach, I must still enjoy it as long as men still find to their liking.
I'm on vacation with a couple of friends I met during one of my erotic trips. We have become very close and do not hide anything.
We are around the pool, Jean and Annabelle have just plunged into the water. I noticed Claude, their son will celebrate his 17 years tomorrow, it looks like I'm having the effect because he does not leave me eyes. He comes to ask me if he can keep me company.
I accept, he's wearing shorts wide enough, he sits next to me with his head back. I listen to the music of the sound system with my eyes closed, relaxed.
He got closer, our legs touched, I smiled internally but let him.
It's a moment when I feel his hand on my thigh. He must believe that I have fallen asleep.
His hand goes slowly up the fork of my thighs and I decide to open my eyes.
When he sees me staring at him, he gets frightened, completely panicked and runs away, returning to his room.
Her mother followed her carousel, she comes to me and tells me about her son.

- Claude is sickly shyness, he has no relationship with girls because as soon as they start to notice, he loses all means and gives up. It is well done and would make more than one happy.
Suddenly Annabelle makes me a proposal that rarely a mother asks her best friend.

- I know that what I'm going to ask you will seem horrible, but would you accept to deny him to give him a little confidence in him? It will be his birthday present.
I am so surprised by his request and put several minutes before answering him.

- Well ......... .. Is that ......... .. Oh and why not, it's been a long time since I knew a virgin, I accept!
- Go through the garden, you will reach his room by the back door.
I walk on the lawn and approach the window of the room of Claude stealthily and look through the window. Claude is lying on his bed, completely naked.
He is a young teen well built, with protruding muscles. He has his head turned to the TV, his eyes are riveted on the screen, I guess he masts a porn movie.
But my eyes are quickly attracted to his crotch where is erected a formidable column.
I have a shock. My breathing is accelerating, my heart is panicking.
I have already seen many things but there I look with amazement a bistre and huge cock, I never imagined being confronted one day to such an organ.
My hands become moist, my belly burns, my throat is dry.
I look around instinctively, as if to make sure that no one observes me wanting to keep for myself the secret of this extraordinary vision.
I enter the house as attracted by an irresistible force.
I advance noiselessly towards the door of his room. Claude saw nothing and continues, quietly masturbating while watching his movie. I see his hand go up and down slowly all along this endless shaft.
I walk towards him like an automaton and hang a chair in passing, I utter a little cry of pain.
Claude jumped, he just saw me and, with terrified eyes, he tried, modestly, to fold the sheet over his belly to hide the sight of his erect obelisk.
I rush to him, fall on his knees in front of the bed and put my hand on his to stop his gesture.

- No, I'm murmuring, do not be afraid. I do not want you badly.
Claude stares at me, frightened, not knowing what to do.
I caress her hand and add, looking at her, admiringly, on this post that has not disarmed:

- How beautiful!
Claude's eyes go around the room, as if to reassure us that we are alone.
Then he gradually understands what is happening to him and touches my hair with his fingers. He looks for my eyes, he is always tense but smiles shyly.
I can not help myself anymore. Even before he has time to understand, I literally throw myself on this granite peak and imprison it as I can between my fingers while the index finger of my other hand annoys the round head, swollen and shining like a mushroom hat.
But the massive plough, stiff as a piece of wood, tense to burst, can neither enlarge nor lengthen more. To honor my caresses, powerless to increase its volume, it begins to beat a little stronger, and its large knotty veins may still swell.
A strange emotion strikes me at the sight of each new cock, identical but so different in their forms.
While caressing her big hairy balls, I approach my mouth big cock and gently puts my lips on the glans raw, my tongue licks it gently, tearing him moans.
A little surprised and timid but happy with the turn that takes the situation, Claude glances a look at my smooth lips with hemmed edges that have snagged with difficulty his sleeve with the voracity of piranhas while my hand molds the bushy root.
Omnipresent and subtle, my tongue slips on the edge of the stem, wrapping itself in the glans like a snake on its prey.
Claude can not take it anymore. Ravenous insects are now busy with bitter clusters in the hollow of his tight loins.
My hot and wet mouth closed around his glans, he lets himself go back, shaken by strange shivers, in a groan throat.
Then he begins to gasp under the split attack of my scholarly tongue and my expert fingers that massage him, assault him, stubbornly to smother a arched penis just waiting to breathe.
Opening wide mouth, I put the tip of the penis, twirling my tongue on the half-open meat that already lets in a little pre-sperm.
Excited by the smell that emerges from the huge penis, I suck the member with application, doubting that he can not hold long before unloading all his cum.
He can not articulate the slightest sound, but aware of his imminent enjoyment, he tears my mouth-oven from his penis by pulling hard on my hair.
I inhaled, eyes rolled back, my hands clutching the formidable gear more beautiful, tense breasts and pussy on fire. I stammer:

- Do you know that your barrel is of such a caliber that my mouth wide open could only taste the glans?
Claude does not seem to understand what I just said. On the other hand, he gets bolder and laughs, almost stupidly, waving his swollen cock, which he holds by the root.
I can not anymore. Like a madwoman, I climb on the bed, ride on Claude's belly and spread my knees up.
Taking the shaft in the middle, I walk three or four times the smooth head on my soaked lips.
I knew a man with a member almost as imposing, I thought I was split in two by the club that had penetrated my fiery flesh. How's it going to be with this monster? I have a moment of doubt, I have never made love with a partner so young, and the contrast between this body that has not yet completely left childhood and this incredible sex is so weird. But to hell with remorse.

Straddling Claude's huge cock, I push back my jersey and spreading the widest possible folds of my vulva, I try to introduce the member that I think too imposing for my vagina, I impale myself by uttering a cry of madness.
Losing all reason, I sit as far as possible on the formidable cudgel, impaling me on his penis that gradually gets into my bowels.
Claude throws his hands as a slap on each of my hips, his buttocks into the mattress and bounces like a devil, uttering a cry of wild animal pulling like a madman on my body.
I stay a moment without moving, convinced that the spear pierced me from side to side, I feel that my vagina broke like dry rubber under the wild push of this column of reinforced concrete.
I utter a howl of pain. I have lost my mind, because inexorably I let the strong rush devastate my mucous membranes, I do not even try to withdraw, too excited by what I am living.
His first jet squirts like a rocket that would fuse in my heart.
My enjoyment is such that I have the sensation that white-hot tongs are tearing my bowels.
I fall into an inhuman cry, impaled until the guard on the big dart which a good end remains visible and sends his venom to the bottom of my matrix by successive jerks.
I heave and sobs with an atrocious hysterical pleasure of my body tortured by myself, the pleasure convulses me, I enjoy without stopping until the fainting that leaves me panting against the body of this out-of-common male .
Claude has dried up, I managed to extract his cock but he is still stiff.
Then, even opening myself in two, I undertake, at a crazy pace, to polish again, by big disordered blows, this imperial shaft. But I must think to continue his education.

I retire with regret the sex of this fauna and spanned his chest to offer my pussy to his mouth. He does not immediately realize what I expect from him but porn movies come back to him in mind.
He spreads with both hands my vulva and comes to stick his lips.
With a little disgust, he kisses my intimate flesh, then bolding himself, he buried his tongue in the folds of my vagina.

- Yes ! It's good, keep licking me, look for my button, bite it a little, but go smoothly.

My pussy lets out my honey and I moan more and more, his teeth nibble the hood of my clitoris darted. His lingual caresses become more and more assured, bringing me to orgasm.
I can not take any more and pulls my cock on fire eagerly.
My hand slipped on his body and grabbed his gear still valiant. My fingers grab a stake of hard and hot wood that under my caress is growing.
I want to return his caresses and my mouth again takes possession of this wonderful truncheon.
I put all my science into this incredible blowjob or I can only absorb his huge tassel. I compensate for my frustration with caresses of my tongue all along his shaft and swallowing his eggs full of his seed.
He gasped and his whole body stiffened. His big cock swells under my clever lips that pump with eagerness.
A hoarse groan comes out of his mouth when he drops copious jets to the bottom of my throat, I swallow greedily its milt that overflows the corner of my lips, leaving streaks on my chin before falling between my breasts. I press his balls with my fingers to extract to the last drop that I enjoy like a good wine, sperm continues to squirt jerks open halfway, I smear my face as a cream.

His penis has lost the beautiful but even like that, what I see would make most men pale with jealousy.
I congratulate him on his performances and make him a proposal:

- You know you're riding like a donkey? I made you discover what was the body of a woman but the lesson is not finished. If you agree, I will come back tonight to make you discover another pleasure that can know as well men as women.
-But seeing your unusual dimensions, I'll have to prepare myself otherwise it will not be possible, okay?

- Oh yes Julie, but I hope that mom will know nothing.